Natural Ways To Treat And Prevent Acne

Natural Ways To Treat And Prevent Acne

People of all ages and especially those in their adolescent years are plagued with the physical, emotional and psychological effects of acne. There are many kinds of acne, the most common being that which affects teens and is known as vulgaris’ this often appears around the neck and face, but it can also appear on the back, shoulders and chest. Acne is the most common form of skin disease confronted by dermatologists, but the real challenge is to treat and prevent acne in the most practical way.

The Conventional Strategies For Treating Acne

Most dermatologists around the world gravitate to recommending an antibiotic, usually a tetracycline type of derivative geared toward killing infections. In the case of acne its propioniform bacteria that cause the inflammation and infection around the acne. It is to be noted that the propionibacterium type of acne is actually present on the all people’s surface skin, flair-ups being a result of when the pores are blocked by bacteria.

The use of antibiotics is effective in clearing the inflammation, but it is not recommended or healthy to use antibiotics for long periods of time. This has inspired many physicians and those suffering from the negative effects of acne to search for healthier, more natural means of treating and preventing acne.

Effective And Natural Ways To Treat Acne

There are treatments that can be conducted by individuals at home which are on par with some of the more popular treatments found in distinguished skin clinics. Whether you’re an adult suffering from an acne condition or a teenager, you won’t have to endure living with acne forever. Here are some helpful, easy and effective ways to naturally treat acne.

Keep Your Hands off!

As much as you may want to pick, rub and press those irritating pimples, don’t! These actions will actually make the condition worse, because aggravating your acne can cause the membranes beneath the skin to rupture, stimulating the production of sebum and furthering infection and inflammation. This will cause the sebum and infection to continue spreading below the surface of the skin and cause more acne and pimples to occur. It is also important to note that ‘popping’ pimples can increase the chance of scarring on the face, neck and other areas of skin.

Wash Your Face

As easy as it sounds washing your face a few times during the day can help a lot in keeping your pores clean and open. Sulfur-based soaps are great for acne, although if your skin is oily then try a benzoyl peroxide type of soap. Stay away from rough sponges or anything else to scrub your face, which can rupture the membranes beneath your skin.

Makeup; Less Is Best

Try not to apply makeup whenever possible; it actually clogs your skin’s pores and can cause more nasty pimples and blackheads to appear. If you just ‘have to’ wear makeup, then switch to a water-based brand and be sure to thoroughly clean your skin before going to sleep at night. Avoiding oil-based facial moisturisers will also help.

Drink More Water, Regularly

It’s surprising how little water people drink each day; eight or more glasses of water every day can actually help prevent acne. Water in the body carries away waste materials from the skin and plays a vital role in healing and preventing acne flare ups.

You Are What You Eat

For many people it comes as a surprise that food allergies have been the cause of their acne. Avoiding or cutting back on oily and spicy type foods, milk and dairy products, seafood and foods high in iodine, whilst eating more green veggies and foods rich in zinc and vitamin D, can be a great natural way to treat and prevent acne.

Richard is a freelance writer who tries to drink a lot of water (not as much at weekend) and eat plenty of fruit and veg. He currently works on the dermatology website and hopes your skin can achieve the natural glow it deserves.

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