Onion Best Choice To Get Rid Of Acne Scars

After suffering for acne for some period, you might decide to look for a better remedy. Since the other types of treatments may be very cost full and you may not make it to buy one because of the financial status. There is a cheaper way in which you can do this. Having the right treatments as soon as the skin disorder starts can do you better than if you leave it to spread all over the body. Try onion best choice to get rid of acne scars. [Read more…]

Top Foods That Cause Acne

Top Foods That Cause Acne

A survey was conducted in United States and it was reported that 60% of the people claimed that greasy and fried foods are the one of the major causes of acne. Even medical science is supporting the claim now. Though there are different biological basis for acne breakouts like, hyperactivity of sebaceous glands under the influence of hormones, but unhealthy eating habits triggers these activities even more. [Read more…]

How eating healthy could reduce acne significantly

Trendy acne treatments are prevalent on grocery and pharmacy store shelves, and some carry a hefty price tag. Is there a way to reduce acne through diet, in order to reduce the cost of treatment and avoid some of the nasty side effects of some of these products? According to some research, diet does play a role in acne prevention and, while not necessarily a cure-all, changing dietary habits just might help make an acne case more manageable.

Here are some tips to help anyone trying to reduce acne through diet. [Read more…]

Stop Eating Pizza and Chicken to Prevent Acne

There was a time that I had horrible acne, then one day I looked and noticed it was no longer there. As soon as I stopped eating pizza and fried chicken, the zits were gone.

If suffering from acne, avoid excessive sunlight exposure and tanning beds. Direct exposure to sunlight or to a tanning light will worsen your acne. UV light can exacerbate acne and make it worse. Tanning is pretty much a bad idea if you have acne. [Read more…]

Can Ice On A Paper Towel Help Your Acne

Put a piece of ice in a towel and hold it in the area for twenty minutes. Ice is key when it comes to decreasing swelling and getting rid of redness. Additionally, some spots can really hurt and ice can numb the pain. Ice is a good thing to use for an anti-inflammatory, and it will cut down on the need to put chemicals on your face that could hurt you.

Stay away from oil-based makeup. Your pores may be clogged if you use too much oil-based makeup. This is a huge cause of acne, and water soluble makeup is a better option. Look carefully to be sure the product is oil-free. Ask the salesperson if you are unsure. Unnatural synthetics may be in these products, and they can invoke an acne breakout. [Read more…]

Garlic Can Help You Rid Yourself From Acne

Garlic-can-help-you-ride-yourself-from-acneYou should put acne medication on your whole face instead of spot treating. There can be acne under the skin in areas that haven’t appeared yet. Reserving the medication for only the visible acne will miss those future breakouts. Make sure the forehead is covered too.

Garlic is a natural antioxidant, and it can help acne problems. Garlic will get rid of toxins in your system and help new skin grow. It’s easy to incorporate garlic in your diet. Garlic can be spread on many different things including bagels, or it can be juiced into whatever you are eating. [Read more…]