Mens Skin Care Tips – Tips you must know to control your Skin Acne

Today, men are just as prone as women when it comes to suffering from acne. The condition has slowly grown to become one of the most common skin related infections. A number of men have acne infected skin today. It all starts with one pimple and soon grows into a fully fledged skin disorder. It is therefore important for all men to take good care of their skin. Majority of men tend to overlook the importance of proper skin care due to the misconception that it is majorly meant for the women species. There are very simple acne skin care steps that will not take much of your time but will have a tremendous effect on the progress of your skin.

Step number one is proper cleaning of the skin on a daily basis. Cleansing of the skin goes a long way in helping your skin stay in good and healthy condition. Normally, the skin should be washed every morning after waking up and every evening before going to bed. Avoid the use of cleansing lotions for this purpose. It is advisable to use foaming cleansers for better results. The foaming cleansers have been found to be more effective in getting rid of any layers of excess fats, sweat and oils that tend to mount the skin after a hard day at work. It is however important to note that scrubbing should be avoided at all costs. This will lead to skin irritation and might also worsen the acne condition.

Another important tip to have in mind is that shaving is to be done moderately. Men take pride in their shaving practices as it is the one thing that distinguishes them from women. Majority of them end up shaving vigorously or more often. This is not good for the skin. For skin patches already affected with acne, it is important not to shave heavily. Some light shaving should be enough for such areas. In addition to this, dragging of the razor while shaving should also be avoided. This normally leads to nicking of the pimples which in turn worsens the acne. Electric and safety razors are more advisable as they do not irritate the skin. Blunt razors should also be avoided. Make sure to use sharp razors, but be extra cautious at the same time. Wet the beards with warm water, stick to thick shaving cream and rinse the blades with cold water.  Lastly, instead of applying aftershave, it would be more advisable to apply acne healing ointments.

On the other hand, the skin should be moisturized. Yes, men should use moisturizers! Whoever said moisturizers are meant for women alone was very wrong! However, being manly figures, it would be advisable for men to avoid heavily scented moisturizers. A number of moisturizers in the market currently have been designed with men in mind. One can easily get that manly moisturizer for his skin. However, go for nothing less than moisturizers free of oil. For people with inflamed skin, hypoallergenic moisturizers would be the best. They should also be free of fragrance since they tend to irritate the skin.

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