Onion Best Choice To Get Rid Of Acne Scars

After suffering for acne for some period, you might decide to look for a better remedy. Since the other types of treatments may be very cost full and you may not make it to buy one because of the financial status. There is a cheaper way in which you can do this. Having the right treatments as soon as the skin disorder starts can do you better than if you leave it to spread all over the body. Try onion best choice to get rid of acne scars.

When the acne case becomes severe, treating it may need a lot of time and money. The marks might go away with time or even leave some ugly marks on the skin. There are some ways which can lessen the visibility of this scar. This scar will only go away if the attack was not a severe one.

Onion is another type of treatment, which can be used here. They always have the anti microbial property. This is a very effective way of treating and doing away with the scars. Suppose the affected part is on the face, when applying this onion, it will make your eyes to become watery. This will only last for some minutes but there will be a change after using it for some time.

Take a bigger or a medium sized onion. Peel the outer covering. Cut it into some smaller pieces. Apply the water that comes from it on your face or on the affected part of the body. This should be done repeatedly for up to fifteen minutes.

This onion can be blended with some pieces of grinded carrots and the egg white. This is another very good combination of things, which can be used to treat acne. If it is mixed in the correct proportions it will definitely give better results.

Another way in which you could also use this onion is by mixing it with a petroleum jelly. This jelly will really help in making a facemask. This facemask will cover the face for a given period of time then your skin will be safe from nay acne condition.

Supposing that you really fear the effect of the onion, there are some tings, which you can do. One of them is by putting it to refrigerator for some time before you use it on your skin. Another thing, which you can also do to lessen its effect, is, washing or rinsing your face using some cold water.

Apart from this the onions are also known to stop the problems like that of nose bleeding. When you nose bleed it normally occurs because of the leaking nasal capillaries when the temperatures have gone soar.

The onions are also known to be perfect busters of acne.  This is normally be cause the tear generators will draw the dirt out, draw the oil and bacteria which breeds within the skin, reduces acne scars and blemishes. The extracts from the onion will also help in matching the skin color with the part, which is affected. This is what makes onion best choice to get rid of acne scars.

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My name is Dr. Emily Davison. I am a medical doctor who has great skills in acne research and analysis and am happy I have the ability to help those people suffering from acne. Having graduated from Columbia University as a medical doctor, I am equipped with skills in psychological aspects of skin disease and can be able to tell the difference among almost all types of skin disease. For more information, please do contact me.

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