Heal Scars At Home

Today’s generation feels that they have more beauty problems than their mothers and grannies. Well, advancement in science has resolved many problems effectively but unfortunately being expensive isn’t in the reach of many. But don’t worry. Mother Nature has got the answers. Do you know many herbs and eatables in our kitchen are excellent medicines as well? They heal and give amazing results. The only prerequisite is discipline and patient dedication.

Warning: Some of the ingredients may tempt your taste buds. Control your temptations. Visualize some beautiful face and aim to reach out for that.

Acne Scars:

Acne scars looks the ugliest of all the scars. A real beauty snatcher, it affects the confidence and makes one depressed. There are home remedies to treat these.

Aloe vera extract:

Take an aloe vera leaf. Remove the green covering of the leaf carefully so as to get the fleshy part intact. It contains gel which is the natural healer. Apply this gel 2-3 times a day on the affected area. Let it remain for 30 minutes. Wash it off with cold water.


In a bowl take 1 tbsp of honey. To this, add 1 tbsp lemon juice. Don’t drink it. Then add almond oil tbsp followed by 2 tbsp. of milk. Blend it well. Apply this mixture on the affected area once a day.

Sandalwood water:

Soak a piece of sandalwood in water for a few hours. Take out the wood. Dip a cotton ball in the sandalwood water and apply it gently on the acne scars. Let it dry and rinse well with cold water.


Put fenugreek seeds in water and boil it for 10-15 minutes. Let this concoction cool down. Strain the seeds out with the help of a sieve. Soak a cotton ball in this preparation and apply slowly on the scars. Regular follow-up will help you reap benefits.

Carrot juice:

Add a teaspoon of sea salt to carrot juice and rub it on the scars. Allow it to dry and wash with warm water. Regular application will show results in a month.

Stretch marks:

Stretch marks can be seen on large parts of the body and make your skin unappealing. Home remedies for stitch marks are:


The amount of potion depends on the area of application. Get instant coffee mix and add it to Vitamin E lotion. Make a paste and smear the area with this paste. Let it dry. Don’t wash it until the next morning. You will notice reduction after the very first use.


Cut potato in thick slices. Massage it with soft hands on the marks for about 15 minutes. Let the potato juice dry and then wash it with lukewarm water. Be patient. Follow this activity for a month to get rid of the ugly marks.

Raw sugar:

Sugar has the ability to exfoliate thus lessens visibility of stretch marks. Also you can make paste of it.

Raw sugar can made into paste in two ways

1. Take one tablespoon of sugar and add small amount of almond oil followed by a spoon of lemon juice.

2. Take equal quantity of sugar, olive oil and whole milk and blend properly.

Rub the paste in circular motions on the scars. Leave it for 10-15 minutes before washing off (preferably before taking shower). Apply it on the marks for about a month to see the desired outcome.

Cocoa butter:

Cocoa butter can be smeared directly twice a day or in the form of mixture (containing other ingredients as well). For making the mixture take cocoa butter, wheat germ oil, grated beeswax, apricot kernel oil and vitamin E oil. Liquefy it. Let it Cool. Apply it on  the stretch marks at least thrice in a day to get the results.

Egg whites:

Wipe your skin before getting along with this treatment. Take egg whites of two eggs. The layer smeared on the affected should be thick. Let it work on your skin for the next 15 minutes. Once it dries off, wash with cold water. Massage the skin with olive oil to get results quickly.

Remedies for all types of scars:

Some remedies can be done on all types of scars.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil when applied daily can aid in reducing scars visible. It works wonders on all types of scars whether acne, stretch marks or any other.


Take lemon juice. Apply the juice with the help of cotton ball on the scars. Tolerate it for some time on your skin and then wash it with water. This has bleaching effect on the scars.

Vitamin E

Applying vitamin E oil directly on the scars reduces the look of scars over a period of time. Alternatively, capsules can also be used.

Healthy eating

A healthy diet comprising of Vitamins and minerals is the best way out to treat the ugly scar marks. Include vitamin A in your diet as it helps in collagen built up (necessary as scars damage the collagen). Drink plenty of water to detoxify the body and maintain the hydration level.

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