Are Acne Medications Effective At Getting Rid Of Acne?

This is a great article which goes in to dealing with acne on the inside. There are many things that can cause internal imbalances that trigger an acne outbreak. This article shares some of those issues and what you can do to deal with them.

In the past year, I’ve talked to more than a handful of people who have experienced acne at some point in their life and have been on acne medication to help treat it. Some have had success and become acne free, some experienced no change at all and some have even experienced a temporary change until coming off the medication (which usually isn’t intended for long term use) only to see their acne flare up and then worsen….

More at Healing Your Skin from Within

Using medication acne drugs and OTCs as we have covered before only deals with treating the symptoms of acne, the swelling, red spots, itchiness, sawness etc. Medications and over the counter products do not deal with what is actually causing the acne condition to oocur in the first place. Treat the cause and you will be acne free for good.

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